The CPCS A09 Forward Tipping Dumper is a 4-day programme designed to provide novice and intermediate operators with sufficient forward tipping dumper training which will enable them to competently and safely carry out dumper duties and pass the CPCS theory and practical assessments. For experienced operators, we also offer a 2-day course which excludes practical training.


Duration: 3.00 days

What you'll learn on the course

At the end of your CPCS A09 Forward Tipping Dumper Course you will be able to:

  • Operate the machine to a minimum standard
  • Fit and operate ancillary equipment
  • Site the machine safely and efficiently
  • Know which minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures are necessary, and be able to carry them out
  • Prepare the machine for traveling on the public highway
  • Understand the capabilities, purposes and limitations of each machine
  • Apply all necessary safety precautions
  • Understand how diesel engines work and how various parts of the machine operate.

The CPCS A09 Forward Tipping Dumper course consists of two key parts, practical and theory. You’ll spend a day learning the related theory, 2 days practicing the practical elements followed by a final day of assessment (for both theory and practical).

Currently, we have none of these courses Scheduled at the moment. However, we collect interest on a daily basis so please call the office (020 8596 5121) a leave us your details. Once we have enough interest, we'll give you a call and let you know when the course will be running.