Our Safety Harness Essentials Course delivers a minimum of 4 hours instruction and is designed to instruct up to a maximum of 12 delegates, providing training on the vital information and understanding on how to identify and use safety harnesses, lanyards, anchor points and general associated equipment and carry out a pre-use inspection.

Duration: 0.5 Days

What You Learn on your Harness - Essentials Course:

Delegates attending this course will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Work at Height Safety, Harness and Lanyard Pre-Use Inspection and Fitting including:

  •     Safety Legislation, Work at Height Regulations
  •     Accident Statistics
  •     Hazards and Risks
  •     Fall Prevention, Fall Restraint, Fall Protection & Fall Arrest
  •     Harness Types and Design Standards
  •     Component Parts of a Fall Arrest System (The A,B,C,D & E)
  •     Identifying correct Tie-Off and Anchor Points
  •     Pre-Use Inspection of Harness & Lanyard with Practical Exercise
  •     Correct Wearing and Fitting of Harness with Practical Exercise
  •     Harness/Lanyard Storage, Care and Cleaning
  •     Rescue Provision Requirements
  •     Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment

How to Pass your Harness - Essentials Course:

There will be a theory session where delegates will be expected to don a harness and fit it to their body correctly. At the end of the course, delegates will take a short multiple choice test. Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will receive an E-Certificate of Training valid for 3 years.

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This course is aimed at personnel who wish to gain a good general understanding of work at height safety, in particular, those who are or will be responsible for using safety harnesses, lanyards and associated F.P.E (Fall Protection Equipment) in the work place. There are no prerequisites required for this course, although a working knowledge of safety harnesses and fall protection equipment is an advantage.

Since the safe use of fall protection equipment requires that delegates consult safety notices and read and thoroughly understand the manufacturer’s instruction manual, English literacy and language comprehension are important requirements for any tower user.

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