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The Level B Switching-Strapping assessment is for holders of the Level B competence who require an assessment performing DC Isolation duties.

The first step towards maintaining your Level B competency is to complete a minimum of 4 work experience logbook entries prior to your Level B Assessment. Your First Aid Certificate needs to be in date so please bring a copy with you. If you require First Aid for your Level B Assessment contact us or book one of our First Aid Courses online. Please book your Level B assessment well in advance of expiry to avoid losing your competence as there is no grace period from Sentinel for workplace assessments.

Your Railway Medical needs to be in date with a current Drug and Alcohol test. If you change Employer/Sponsor you will need to take a new Drug and Alcohol test, contacts us to book an appointment prior to attending your course or book online.

You can attend the Level B Assessment If you require the following;

  • Level B-Switching Post Mentoring Assessment
  • Level B-Switching 18-22month Interim Assessment
  • Level B-Strapping Post Mentoring Assessment
  • Level B-Strapping 18-22month Interim Assessment
  • Level B-Strapping & Switching Combined Assessment

Duration: 2 Days

What You're Assessed on:

The Level B assessment consists of theory and practical elements including;

  • Legislation and industry standards appertaining to isolation of the conductor rail
  • 'Traction Power supply System' associated with DC Electrified Lines
  • Types of switches that are used as part of the isolation process including 'Hook Switches' and 'Track Isolating Switches'
  • The roles and responsibilities of people involved in the isolation procedure
  • The isolation process and the procedures that need to be followed including authorisation, qualifications and safety
  • Testing and Strapping Equipment
  • Testing and Strapping Procedures
  • Use an approved Live Line Tester to prove the Conductor is not energised
  • Open and close switches in a safe and efficient manner in line with industry standards
  • Operate switches under the instruction of a Level 'A' Person on Network Rail Infrastructure
  • Knowledge of the 'Mentoring' and 'Assessment' process and the requirement for completing a 'Log Book'.

On successful completion of the Level B Assessment, you are free to perform DC Isolation duties anywhere on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure including Infrastructure Projects.

Levelb 1 443
Levelb 2 443

How to Pass your Level B Assessment:

Throughout the Level B assessment there are a series of verbal and practical assessments, we can provide additional learning support if required. We recommend you study the DC Line Rule Book modules leading up to your level B assessment. The pass rate at the centre for the Level B assessment is 95%.

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To maintain your Level B competence, you either need to complete an interim assessment or a Level B Recertification Course leading up to expiry. Your assessor will fully explain all follow up actions during the assessment process.


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