The Level B Switching and Strapping Course enables current Sentinel Tack Safety card holders, endorsed with PTS DCCR who hold a current Emergency First Aid for Electrical Accidents certificate to perform DC Isolation duties operating track isolation switches/hook switches and fitting short circuiting straps on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure. The duties of a Level B (Switching and Strapping) include assisting in DC Isolations for a possession following instructions from a Level A Authorised Person.

Course ID: LEVELBhg99

Duration: 2.00 days

What you'll learn on the course

The Level B Switching and Strapping course consists of theory and practical elements including;

  • Legislation and industry standards appertaining to isolation of the conductor rail
  • 'Traction Power supply System' associated with DC Electrified Lines
  • Types of switches that are used as part of the isolation process including 'Hook Switches' and 'Track Isolating Switches'
  • The roles and responsibilities of people involved in the isolation procedure
  • The isolation process and the procedures that need to be followed including authorisation, qualifications and safety
  • Testing and Strapping Equipment
  • Testing and Strapping Procedures
  • Use an approved Live Line Tester to prove the Conductor is not energised
  • Open and close switches in a safe and efficient manner in line with industry standards
  • Operate switches under the instruction of a Level 'A' Person on Network Rail Infrastructure
  • Knowledge of the 'Mentoring' and 'Assessment' process and the requirement for completing a 'Log Book'.

On successful completion of the Level B Switching and Strapping course, you are free to assist in the DC isolations process anywhere on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure.

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