The OLEC 1 course enables anybody wishing to access Overhead Line Construction sites including the High Speed 2 Project and Network Rail Infrastructure projects. To work “on or near the line” on the Network Rail infrastructure you will need to successfully complete a Personal Track Safety Course (PTS) in addition to your OLEC 1 Course.

Course ID: OLEC1Naj1i

Duration: 1.00 day

What you'll learn on the course

The OLEC 1 course consists of a briefing by an experienced trainer followed by a computer theory exam or written assessment, the course covers the following elements:

  • Component parts of the OLE system
  • Hazards & Risks associated with OLE construction
  • OLE site activities
  • Health and Safety in the workplace

On successful completion of the OLEC 1 course you are able to access OLE construction sites on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure and Network Rail Infrastructure projects.

Currently, we have none of these courses Scheduled at the moment. However, we collect interest on a daily basis so please call the office (020 8596 5121) a leave us your details. Once we have enough interest, we'll give you a call and let you know when the course will be running.