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The OLEC 1 course can be completed at our training centre or a venue of your choice. The OLEC 1 course consists of a briefing from an experienced trainer and an eLearning module, followed by either a computer-based test or written assessment (for on-site venues).

To work "on or near the line" on the Network Rail infrastructure you will need to successfully complete a Personal Track Safety Course (PTS) in addition to your OLEC 1 Course.

For pre-test reading download Handbook 16 free from our site.

Duration: 4 Hours


Prior to attending the OLEC 1 course, you will need to be linked with an employer/sponsor who will set you up a Sentinel profile.

In the case of not being linked with an employer/sponsor please contact us, we can arrange this for you!

To be eligible for the OLEC 1 course you need a valid Drug & Alcohol test with your current Sponsor. If you require a new Drug & Alcohol test contact us to book an appointment prior to attending your OLEC 1 course or book online.

What You Learn on your OLEC 1 course:

The OLEC 1 course consists of a briefing by an experienced trainer followed by a computer theory exam or written assessment, the course covers the following elements:

  • Component parts of the OLE system
  • Hazards & Risks associated with OLE construction
  • OLE site activities
  • Health and Safety in the workplace

On successful completion of the OLEC 1 course you are able to access OLE construction sites on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure and Network Rail Infrastructure projects.

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How to Pass your OLEC 1 Test:

We recommend you read up on Handbook 16 prior to attending your OLEC 1 course, you get 1 attempt at your final assessment, you need to achieve 80%. The pass rate at the centre for the OLEC 1 course is 99% and if you don't pass the first time you can attend another test free of charge!

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The OLEC 1 qualification lasts for 50 years, you will need to attend an OLEC 1 Refresher course (If you're still working!) leading up to expiry.


Sentinel Track Safety card holders range from all types of construction workers including trackworkers, tradespeople, Scaffolders, Engineers and Surveyors. The Railway has an excellent safety record with a focus on training so you can progress and take higher-level courses. The natural progression from OLEC 1 is to attend your Personal Track Safety Course.

Many people take a temporary job on the Railway but end up staying within the rail industry for the rest of their career. For the next 10 years, the government has released a huge amount of money to maintain and enhance the rail network. The first phase of the High Speed 2 project has created an additional 16,000 Railway jobs.

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