The Safe Work Leader 1 Refresher Test (SWL1) enables current Sentinel Tack Safety cardholders, endorsed with COSS to continue performing Safe Work Leader duties on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure Projects. The duties of SWL 1 include involvement at the planning stage of a task, implementing a safe system of work for one workgroup and managing hazards and risks on-site.

Course ID: SAFEWOjdll

Duration: 3.00 hours

What you'll learn on the course

The Safe Work Leader Refresher Test consists of a computer theory exam, the questions are based on the following elements:

  • Understand the Safe Work Leader Competence
  • Planning standard 019
  • Non-Technical Skills of an SWL
  • Effective Communication
  • Hazard Identification
  • SWL role in Safe Work Pack creation

On successful completion of the SWL 1 Refresher Test, you are free to perform the duties of a Safe Work Leader 1 anywhere on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure Projects. In the event you don’t manage to pass first time, you will need to wait a minimum period of 48 hours before you can try again.

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