The Track Induction Course (TIC) is mandatory for track workers who are new to the track environment and whose work may involve the maintenance, inspection or renewal of the track or other duties that may affect the stability, position or integrity of the track infrastructure. Once you pass the Track Induction Course (TIC) you can undertake maintenance of Permanent Way including “Off Track” assets on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure including Infrastructure Projects.

Course ID: TRACKIOk8j

Duration: 5.00 days

What you'll learn on the course

The Track Induction Course (TIC) consists of theory and practical elements including;

  • Ballast Formation and Drainage
  • Track Construction and Components
  • Track Geometry
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Track Maintenance
  • Off Track and Vegetation
  • Extremes of Weather
  • Small Tools, Group1-Track

We offer the Group1-Track Small Tools Ticket Free of charge as part of the Track Induction Course (TIC) package, so you are fully prepared to embark on your Track maintenance career.

Currently, we have none of these courses Scheduled at the moment. However, we collect interest on a daily basis so please call the office (020 8596 5121) a leave us your details. Once we have enough interest, we'll give you a call and let you know when the course will be running.