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This Qualification meets the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act-The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and fully meets HSE requirements and Railway group standards.

The Risk Assessment e-Learning Course can be completed at any time at work or home provided you have a computer with internet access, the duration of the course varies depending on experience and learning ability but usually doesn't take longer than two hours.

Duration: 2 hours.

What You Learn on your Risk Assessment Training Course:

The Risk Assessment Training Course consists of theory and practical elements including;

  • Legal requirements related to risk assessments in the workplace
  • Employee and Employer responsibilities when carrying out risk assessments
  • How to identify workplace hazards and risks
  • The definition of a risk assessment
  • How to undertake risk assessments
  • Recording risk assessments
  • How to implement control measures to reduce risks and prevent hazards
  • Common causes of hazards and risks at work

On successful completion of the Risk Assessment e-Learning Course, you are free to perform and document risk assessments in the workplace.

Risk Assessment 1 443
Risk Assessment 2 443

How to pass your Risk Assessment Training Course:

The pass rate for the Risk Assessment e-Learning Course is 98% and if you don't pass the first time you can attend another course free of charge!

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How to Book your Risk Assessment Training Course:

How to book your Risk Assessment e-Learning course

You can book online for your Risk Assessment e-Learning course...

...or contact us directly for group bookings;
Call us on 020 8596 5121 if you need help, advice or wish to book over the phone.



The key benefit of gaining your qualifications online is the flexibility to complete the modules at a time that suits your work and life commitments. The e-Learning modules are very popular with organisations that have large numbers of staff who have a heavy workload with limited time to allocate training days. Gaining competencies online is extremely cost-effective for individuals, SME's and large businesses.


Once you complete your first e-Learning course you will be issued a certificate and a Skills Competency Assessment Record Card (SCAR Card) this enables you to view your competencies at any location via a QR code, additionally you receive a login to your personal learning management portal which is hugely beneficial for compliance and safety audits in the workplace. For more information on the Skills Competency Assessment Record and Learning Management Portal call us and one of our specialist advisors will walk you through the process.

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